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The Department of Executive Services has responsibility for many corporate and community services and support. This includes management of Council's Section 355 Committees, library services, community consultation forums, public information (Council's website and Facebook page) and cultural development.

The Department of Executive Services is also responsible for customer service, governance, communications, website, Government Information (Public Access) Act, privacy, public interest disclosures, Workforce Services (Human Resources, Workplace Health & Safety and Risk Management), insurances and records management.

Executive Services' staff are:

  • Manager of Executive Services: Debby Ferguson
  • Palerang Library Services Co-ordinator: Marilyn McGrath
  • Library Officers (Braidwood) (part-time): Adelle Higham and Cath Harrison
  • Library Officers (Bungendore) (part-time): Susan McKendrick
  • Team Leader - Customer Service Officers: Louisa Ison
  • Customer Service Officers: Jodie, Belinda, Tanya, Nicole, Joanne, Jenny, Trish, Tiffany
  • Workforce Services Officer: Lorrae Stokes
  • Workforce Services Support Officer: Emma Gray
  • Records Management Supervisor: Marilyn McGrath
  • Records Management Officer: Bronwyn Hill
  • Records Assistant: Samantha Callan
  • Information/Administration Officer (part-time): Janine Keirs

Council's Customer Service Officers are available at both the Braidwood and Bungendore office to assist with telephone and counter enquiries. 

Council's Public Officer / Right to Information Officer / Privacy Officer / Public Interest Disclosures Officer is Debby Ferguson.