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Fire and Emergency Services Levy

The NSW Government has deferred the collection of the Fire and Emergency Services Levy via Council rates. The collection was due to commence on 1 July 2017, however has now been deferred indefinitely. The Levy will continue to be collected via insurance policies until the NSW Government has completed its review of the policy. 

For more information please visit the Fire and Emergency Services levy website

Paying your rates

Paying your rates, water and debtor accounts online is easy.

You can pay by BPay using Council's biller code of 17418 and your customer reference number which is located towards the bottom of your notice.

Payments can also be made online or by phone 1300 730 701. Details of your reference number are included in your rate notice.

Please note that you have a different customer reference number for your rates account and your water account. You need to identify which account you are paying.

Anyone who has multiple properties will have a difference reference number for each property. It is this reference number that will direct your payment to the appropriate account.

Online services

Electronic rates notices

You can now receive your rate and instalment notices electronically from Council. There is no charge for this service and you can check your notices at any time, at your convenience.

You can also print, save and email all of your information. Notices will be archived and available online for up to two years.

Once you register, your rates notices will no longer be sent by mail as you will receive your notice by email approximately one month before the notice is due.

A link will also be provided to allow you to pay your rates via Secure payments or you can still pay by any of the other usual methods.

Please take a few minutes to read our terms and conditions.

Standard Terms Conditions (DOC - 53KB)

To receive your rate and instalment notices electronically, please registerhere

Land valuations

The Valuer General's newsletter explains how the land valuation process works. You can download the latest newsletter below.

Valuer General's newsletter January 2016