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Palerang Waste Strategy

Palerang Council commissioned URS to update the Palerang Council Waste Management Strategy 2005-2025. The updated strategy outlines a 20-year waste strategy (from 2015 to 2035) for Palerang Council, which provides Council with a clear vision on the key waste management elements it will need to provide the community to manage their waste in a sustainable manner.

The strategy was adopted by Council in December 2015, and will guide waste management activities over the next 20 years.

The strategy was prepared by reviewing existing information provided by Council, determining the waste generated in the Palerang Local Government Area, measuring the landfill diversion rates for mixed recyclables and organics, assessing the individual existing waste management infrastructure, in particular, the waste transfer stations and comparing options to develop a preferred Council-wide integrated waste management strategy to increase landfill diversion across the Council, in line with the Waste Avoidance Resource Recovery Strategy targets.

The current and previous strategies can be downloaded below.

Palerang Council Waste Management Strategy 2015-2035