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Commencing mid-February 2014, Palerang Council will be conducting a trial to assess the impacts of rolling out green waste and organics collection services across its three townships.

The trial will involve approximately 2,000 households in Braidwood, Bungendore and Captains Flat receiving free six-litre kitchen bins and compostable bin liners for the collection of food scraps. These scraps will be combined with other household organic waste such as grass clippings, small diameter branches and animal manure, in a 240 litre green-lidded bin also supplied by Council to each household.

Council will empty the green-lidded bin as part of its waste collection cycle and deliver the organic waste to a privately-run composting facility within the local government area. The facility will use the resulting compost to improve agricultural soils and in turn produce higher quality food.

Information packs will be included with every delivered bin and additional information will also be delivered through local media.