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The Palerang Local Government Area (LGA) has a large number of drainage catchments and creeks, rivers and floodplains. Due to historical development patterns, the towns of Braidwood, Bungendore and Captains Flat are located on the floodplains of a number of small creeks and rivers.

Braidwood is located on the confluence of Flood Creek, Recreation Ground Creek and Monkittee Creek and has a limited floodplain with some properties affected by periodic flooding. Bungendore, located on Turallo Creek and upstream of the confluence of Millpost Creek, Halfway Creek and Turallo Creek, is exposed to a high likelihood of flooding (generally due to the fact that large portions of the town have been built on the Turallo Creek floodplain). Captains Flat is located on the Molonglo River and has a number of tributary creeks located within the town. Due to the topography of the surrounding land, portions of Captains Flat are highly susceptible to flood events.

The NSW Government has developed the Flood Prone Land Policy, the Floodplain Risk Management Process and the Floodplain Development Manual to guide management of floodplains. The aim of the Policy is to safely manage existing communities at risk through appropriate controls and emergency management while allowing appropriate development of new land within floodplains. New development is required to consider the effects of the development on existing development, the future risk to new communities and emergency management for the new community. New development will only be permitted where risks to existing and future communities can be effectively managed.

To better protect existing communities and to assess future development opportunities, Council is required to undertake floodplain risk management studies for at-risk communities. The process, outlined in the figure below, involves the study of the catchment, the watercourses, the communities and emergency responses. The process ultimately recommends a series of structural works (such as levee banks), planning controls (such as minimum floor levels) and emergency response procedures (such as evacuation routes) that, when implemented, will reduce risk to the existing community to an acceptable level.

Flooding management

The NSW Floodplain Risk Management Process

Palerang Floodplain Risk Management Projects

Council currently has a number of floodplain risk management processes underway. The link below takes you to the table which shows the status of these projects for each location.

Access to table showing Palerang floodplain risk management projects (PDF) (42.17 KB)

Flood Studies and Maps

The link below takes you to the flood studies and maps.