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Section 94 and 64 Contributions Plans

Section 94 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 permits councils to require as a condition of development consent, the reasonable dedication of land or the payment of monies, or both, for development that is likely to require the provision of, or increase the demand for public amenities and public services within the area.

Councils must adopt contributions plans before they levy a contribution.  A contributions plan identifies public services and amenities to meet the demand of development.  Examples include open space, recreation facilities, car parking, and community facilities.

Section 64 of the Local Government Act 1993 allows contributions to be levied towards the provision of water, sewerage and stormwater infrastructure. Council must have a Developer Servicing Plan in order to levy a Section 64 contribution.

The developer servicing plans enable Council to levy contributions where the anticipated development will or is likely to increase the demand for water or sewer supply services. Generally, additional capacity is required in these supply systems to accommodate the increased demands, and the contributions levied by Council will provide for that capacity.

The following section 94 contributions plans and section 64 developer servicing plans apply in the former Palerang LGA:

s64 Development Servicing Plan - Palerang Sewerage (PDF) (3.54 MB)
s64 Development Servicing Plan - Palerang Water Supply (PDF) (2.35 MB)
Palerang Section 94A Development Contribution Plan
Cooma-Monaro Section 94 Contributions Plan (Roads & Open Space)
Gunning Section 94 Contributions Plan for Provision of Public Amenities and Services
Mulwaree Section 94 Development Contributions Plan 2003-2008
Palerang Section 94 Plan No.10 - Provision of Kings Highway Culverts at South Bungendore
Palerang Section 94 Plan No.11 - Off-Street Carparking at Bungendore
Palerang Section 94 Plan No.7 - Recreation Facilities at Bungendore
Palerang Section 94 Plan No.8 - Provision of Pathway Network at Bungendore
Palerang Section 94 Plan No.9 - Street Upgrading at Bungendore
Tallaganda s.94 Contributions Plan No.3 - Roadworks
Tallaganda Section 94 Plan No.4 - Bush Fire Control and Suppression
Yarrowlumla Council section 94 Contribution Plan (No. 2) for Provision of Access Roads
Yarrowlumla Section 94 Plan No.1 - Bungendore
Yarrowlumla Section 94 Plan No.3 - Provision of Community Facilities

Currently within the former Queanbeyan City Council LGA there is a local planning agreement called Googong Urban Development Planning Agreement. You can download the Agreement and other supporting documentation here.

Also within the former Queanbeyan City Local Government Area three development contribution plans currently operate. These are:

Queanbeyan City Council Section 94 Contributions Plan 2012

Queanbeyan City Council Section 94 Contributions Plan (Googong) 2015

Queanbeyan City Section 94 Contributions Plan - Extractive Industry 2014 - The purpose of this plan is to allow the council to recover that part of the cost of maintaining council roads which is due to damage caused by the transport of extracted materials, by means of a road maintenance contribution imposed as a condition of development consent on all materials extracted within the council area. Table 1 shows the schedule of works from 2014 to 2019.

Click here to download a copy of Council's 2016-2017 Fees and Charges.

A Planning Agreement Register contains a summary of the Googong Urban Development Local Planning Agreement.